AKA "Threadwork"
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African String Art
Nigeria's Unique Art Form
The Art Of Nigerian String Art (AKA Threadwork)
String Art or Threadwork is an art creation that originated and remains primarily in Nigeria. It utilizes silk thread, artistic capabilities, glue and coloring to create artwork that has vibrant colors and local content. It's a combination of art and craftmanship. It tends to be produced by a small number of Nigerian artisans that have learned the craft from the few that have passed this knowledge on.

String art is created by sketching a figure onto canvas. Figures are then traced over to bring the figure out. The canvas is then glued multiple times. After this the process to complete the artwork begins by hand weaving the details toward the right hand side, one after the other.

Details and background are woven into the canvas with colored silk thread. This part of the procedure requires that color consistency be maintained throughout.

A clear understanding of the use of the materials is required by those that produce string art. Colors are created from plants which are cooked for days over a very hot fire. The colors produced are used to dye the silk thread which makes up the artwork.

String Art aka "Threadwork" can be single strand or double strand. Single strand takes longer and is much more intricate than double strand. Single strand has a much more silky look and feel. Both are unique in their creation. String Art can take as long as three to four weeks to create. The experience of the craftsman determines the quality and time to create these master pieces.

Trained artisians create all string art by hand.

Some of the pieces illustrated on our website are the work of senior artisans upwards of 75-80 years old. Few have second generation craftsman in their family. Few others are trained to create the artwork of the past. The available artwork we have is from the best of the best string art creators.

Each piece is unique, as is the artwork itself unique to Nigeria. In a country with a reputation for corruption, exists exceptional artists and craftsmen able to produce artistry beyond comparison. Each piece enhances its' environment like no other pieces of art. The colors are brilliant and the handmade art is second to none.

Three Drummers -by Molade (36"x49")